Clingan Steel: The Complete Strip Steel Source

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Technical Data

Chemical and Physical Certification

Our expert staff and material specialists routinely utilize our in-house electospectrography, tensile, Rockwell, gage and Olsen testing equipment to enhance material traceability, certification and uniform high-quality product performance. We regularly consult certified outside labs to corroborate results & calibrate our equipment.

Limits Charts

Clingan's slitters produce coils from 50" to .220" wide. Coils can have ID's from 18-20" and OD's up to 74".

Our edging lines expanded our capabilities considerably. In addition camber, crown, temper, edge and end conditioning these lines are capable of cutting pieces from 1 to 240" in length. Seven of these lines can even produce 16" ID's when requested. Click here for full charts.

Facilities Data

In 2004 Clingan Steel moved to a 120,000 square foot facility in Elk Grove Village, IL. Located just west of O'Hare Intl. Airport and within a mile of three Interstate Highways, Clingan is able to make free same day deliveries throughout the greater Chicago metro area. Our indoor shipping and receiving areas insure optimum conditions for driver and product. The added capacity affords us the space to stock a wider array of metals, grades, tempers & gauges. Our numerous slitters, edging and skiving lines (with blanking capabilities) and most recent addition of an oscillate winding slitter gives us the ability to quickly fill orders for a wide variety of coil, blank, strip & wire products.