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Case Studies

Cut Lengths Challenge #1: Display manufacture ran non-repeating edged pieces that must be obtained on very short lead-time. Sometimes they needed the ends radius cut rather than square cut. Solution: Clingan Steel developed a special end cut die and cut 14 different lengths of .074 x 1" edged stock, completing the order in 10 days including the tooling.  The lengths varied in length from 8.25" to 83" and were held to a tolerance of +/- .010. The customer was supplied in exact piece counts on all 14 sizes with fully radius cut ends.  

1018 bars Challenge #2: Automotive part required a 1018 grade in modest quantities held to .276 +/- .002.

Solution: Clingan Steel was able to take stock .283 thick and size it to .276 +/- .001 in 1,000 # lots at a modest premium over standard hot rolled. We do this in narrow widths on a large range of grades and tempers. 

Oscillate Wound Steel Coil Challenge #3:  Manufacturer of stainless hose clamps required a round edged traverse wound coil which was obtained by slitting stock oversize on width and edging and traverse winding. Cost was high and delivery sometimes was extended. 

Solution: On our new eight head oscillating slitter we combined the slitting and deburring into one operation.  Cost and quality were improved and the deburred edge proved fine for the application.