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Beryllium Copper Strip, Strap & Roll

The addition of beryllium copper allows this alloy to be heat-treated into a strong and durable metal while imparting high electrical conductivity. It is often used in springs and other parts which need to retain their shapes over time and repeated use. Clingan's precision slitting and edging lines are ideal for meeting the tight tolerances that parts made with this expensive metal often require.

Clingan Steel has available all the grades and tempers of Beryllium Copper. These Beryllium Copper grades fall into two categories: alloys selected for high strength (Alloys 25, 190, 290, M25 and 165) and alloys selected for high conductivity (Alloys 3, 10, 174 and Brush 60). All the processes: tinning, electro-tinning, edging, cutting to length and Oscillate Wound Coil are available.