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Oscillate wound steel strip

Traverse (Oscillate) Wound Coil

We will provide a dereeler for a trial run

Clingan can produce oscillate (a.k.a. traverse) coil with up to 10 times the steel on a traditional ribbon wound coil. This enables you to run the equivalent of 10 coils, while only loading one; reducing machine downtime, coil handling, storage, and scrap. The face width choices range from 8-12". Welded joints are marked according to customer color & location preference. Value and quality make Clingan oscillate coil THE choice of high volume, narrow width strip users.

Gauges: .010 - .250
Strip Widths: .250 - 1.5
Coil Pounds: Up to 3500 # Coils (Bundles of up to 150,000 ft. in length!)
Edges: Deburred, Square, Round, and Specialty Edges available

New Capabilities!

In 2005 Clingan added an oscillate slitter able to slit 8 cuts (.020 - .100 thick). This highly efficient unit slits, edges and oscillate winds in one continuous process. Thicknesses beyond .100 are handled on an inquiry basis.