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Oscillate wound steel strip

How does oscillate winding differ from traditional ribbon wound coils?

Traditional ribbon or pancake winding is when a single steel strip is wound on top of itself until the maximum OD tolerance is achieved. Oscillate (Traverse) wound steel coils are wound back and forth on a "face" like a spool of thread or wire. The "face" of the oscillate coil can be between 3" and 12". Oscillate wound coils have up to 10 pancake coils in them. Each pancake coil is welded to the end of the previous pancake coil and wound back and forth on a traversing rewind drum. The welds are painted to the customer's specification so that they can be identified and discarded in the process.

What are the benefits of oscillate winding?

Each oscillate wound steel coil is like loading 10 pancake coils at once. This saves time on loading each individual ribbon coil allowing your press to have longer run times. Oscillate coils also require less handling which reduces the chance of damage and scrap.

Is a special dereeler required to use oscillate wound coils?

Normally any powered dereeler with 8 to 12" wide coil capacity will work fine.

We will provide you a dereeler for a trial run if you find that you cannot run an oscillate wound coil on your current dereeler.

Clingan can produce oscillate (a.k.a. traverse) coil with up to 10 times the steel on a traditional ribbon wound coil. This enables you to run the equivalent of 10 coils, while only loading one; reducing machine downtime, coil handling, storage, and scrap. The face width choices range from 8-12". Welded joints are marked according to customer color & location preference. Value and quality make Clingan oscillate coil THE choice of high volume, narrow width strip users.

Capabilities / Tolerances

Gauges: .010 - .250
Strip Widths: .250 - 1.5
Coil Pounds: Up to 3500 # Coils (Bundles of up to 150,000 ft. in length!)
Edges: Deburred, Square, Round, and Specialty Edges available

Available Grades