Clingan Steel: The Complete Strip Steel Source

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Stainless Steel Strip Roll Ribbon or Coil

Clingan supplies 300 and 400 Series Stainless in all tempers from annealed to full hard. We specialize in tight tolerance light gauge applications. These can be cut to length, ribbon or oscillate wound coil. We have the ability to roll or skive round or square edges.

Electro Galvanized Coated Products

We stock galvanized, electro-galvanized, hot dipped and electro coated tin plate, aluminized, galvanneal and painted products in a variety of tempers and base materials.

HRPO and "One Pass" Hot Rolled Steel

Clingan stocks of HRPO and one pass hot rolled are found in all grades from 100 IF to HSLA grade 80. We can one pass temper roll all these for gage control and surface appearance. 

Cold Rolled and Tempered Steel .010, .012, .025, .075, .100, .125, .175, .200, .250 

We carry cold rolled fully processed stock in thicknesses from.010 to .250. Tempers from Dead soft drawing quality to full hard. All items can be edged, special gage controlled and traverse (oscillate) wound.

Annealed Spring Steel, Hard Rolled, and Tempered C1050, C1074, and C1095 

Clingan Steel specializes in high carbon strip. We stock grades C1050, C1074 and C1095 . These products are available in ribbon wound coil, traverse (oscillate) wound coil and cut to length pieces.

Copper and Brass 425 and 194

Clingan Steel stocks the standard grades and tempers of copper and brass as well as special grades such as alloy 425 and alloy 194. Either hot dip or electro-tinning is available on all grades.

Phosphor Bronze and Nickel Silver 

We stock specialty metals like Phosphor Bronze and Nickel Silver in light gauges for stampers of electronic, medical, musical, jewelry, automotive parts and other precision applications.

Beryllium Copper

This highly ductile alloy can be precisely stamped into complex patterns including very small yet critical parts. Clingan's precision slitting and edging lines are ideal for meeting the tight tolerances that parts made with this expensive metal often require. All the processes: tinning, electro-tinning, cutting to length and traverse winding are available.

Bright Basic Wire (BBW) For Braided Cable Manufacturing Applications 

Ready for immediate delivery we carry a wide variety of wire including Galvanized, High Carbon (including 1060), Stainless (including 17-7) and Bright Basic.

Alloy Strip (4130, 5150, 10B38)

Clingan Steel specializes in alloy strip products such as 4130, 5150, 10B38. Follow this link for a complete table of alloy grades we carry.

High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) 

Our rigorous in-house testing and regular outside lab verification insures consistent quality in these designer specific grades. Grades carried include: A45, A50, A60, A70 and A80


We are adding more Aluminum strip grades all the time. Typical Grades are 1001, 3003, 5052. These are available in the following tempers: H32  H34  H36  H38

1018 Thin Flat Cold Finished Bars 

Clingan produces cold finished 1018 Thin Flats in 1/8, 3/16, & 1/4 thicknesses. Our precise edging lines produce a uniform No. 1 square edge.